Beeswax Wrap, Book & Bamboo Pot  Eco Party Bag

Beeswax Wrap, Book & Bamboo Pot Eco Party Bag


As a mum I was frustrated to see the amount of plastic and single use items in children's party bags. 
Eco Party Bag provides pre filled or bespoke environmentally friendly, plastic free-ish party bags for ages 3+.

Give more than a party bag, give inspiration that things are changing and we need to care MORE for the planet. Lets show our children how to party sustainably!!


This bag includes a Beeswax snack wrap from the fantastic Funky Donkey based right here in Somerset, in fact a couple of miles from me!


Infomation from Funky Donkey....


"My reusable beeswax sandwich wraps are made from 100% cotton fabric and beeswax, no other added ingredients to increase 'stickiness', which can sometimes leave a residue on foods. It's also better for people who may have allergies to certain resins and oils.They're used as an alternative option to keep sandwiches and snacks fresh and protected until lunchtime, rather than to imitate cling film in the kitchen as some other beeswax wraps are. Use the wrap on sandwiches in the same way that you would use greaseproof paper, by folding it over 'envelope' style!

This Party Bag includes:

Paper Bag - mixture of colours


Funky Donkey's beeswax snack wrap

Reading Book - appropriate to childs age


Bamboo Pot - mixture of colours




Wildflower Seed Bomb


Seed Marker


Instructions for the growing kit and the wrap

I always use recyclable packing materials for the parcels.