Fabric Crown - Play Crown With Pom Poms

Fabric Crown - Play Crown With Pom Poms


Fabric crown from hemp for little princesses and princes. Perfect birthdays, pretend play and dressing up.

Reversible, made of 2 different type of hemp fabric. Decorated with multicolor pompoms.

Yellow cotton cord on the back 20cm.


Made from Hemp.

Hemp can be grown organically in poor soil and is naturally drought, pest, and disease resistant, eliminating the need for synthetic chemicals and reducing the demand on dwindling water supplies. Hemp fabric also uses less chemicals to produce and is softer, warmer, more absorbent and durable than cotton. Hemp fabric was discovered to possess strong anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial qualities, as well as anti-fungal properties, hence it is optimal for kids and baby goods. Hemp fabric is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.