Save Our Planet - Wildflower Seed Bombs x 5

Save Our Planet - Wildflower Seed Bombs x 5


Inspire the next generation and grow some bee loving plants along the way!!


Wildflower seed bombs x 5

The bombs are made from recycled biodegradable, earth friendly paper (of course) Seeds include the following

Poppy- Red Field

VarietyCornflower - Blue Boy

Cornflower - Mixed colour varieties




Yellow Rattle


Common Sorrel

Lesser trefoil

Red Clover

Each bombs contains over 30 seeds. Simple to sow and quick to grow this Spring!


Instructions included


    ECO PARTY BAG LIMITED - Company number: 12313106

    Packed and shipped from Taunton, Somerset.

    Proudly supporting The Bumblebee Conversation Trust with the Save the bees party bags