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About us

Eco Party Bag started in 2019 by me Tiffany, mum of 2 boys. we live in Somerset in a market town called Taunton.

The idea came to me after coming back from a birthday party and dealing with my son’s disappointment as the party bag ‘goodies’ had broken and had to be thrown in the bin. It got me thinking (as my son’s party was also coming up) there must be a way to make this better, reduce the waste and be more meaningful!!

From then on I made it my mission to make things happen.





I started selling party bags on Ebay balancing work as a purchasing manager, being a new mum and a wife to my husband and chief packer Chris. Things moved quickly and I took the leap to create my very own website from scratch by myself.

Fast forwarding to now and Eco Party Bag has become my full-time job. There has been lows with Covid which has been incredibly difficult. There have also been amazing highs like supporting the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and working with other small businesses in my local area and further afield.

Eco Party Bag has core values the first being affordability, I am aware that planning and paying for children’s parties is stressful and can be expensive. Eco Party Bag (I hope) has something to suit all the budgets and it is important for me to offer value for money.

The second value is sustainability and quality, this is very important to me I try to source things from other small businesses or UK companies. Doing this is not always easy and sometimes still going overseas is the only option but I’m always researching, always doing what I can to bring the best, most eco-friendly and most affordable products to the website.

Thank you for reading this ‘About Me’ section, thank you for supporting me and joining my fight against single use, pointless plastic tat in party bags!!

Tiffany x

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