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Bee Wildflower Seed Bombs Favour

Bee Wildflower Seed Bombs Favour

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Wildflower seed bombs comes with instructions. Pack sizes of: 1,3, or 5 Made from recycled biodegradable, earth friendly paper. Seeds include the following;

Poppy- Red Field Variety Cornflower - Blue Boy Cornflower - Mixed colour varieties Oxeye Daisy Buttercups Yellow Rattle Plantains Common Sorrel Lesser trefoil Red Clover


Each bombs contains over 30 seeds. Simple to sow and quick to grow March - Sept Perfect for encouraging little ones to learn about the garden and the life cycle of bees.


For a full list of the wildflower seeds please see FAQ 


*please note the stickers have now changed


Each pack of seeds comes with 1 instruction sheet. Eg pack of 5 = 1 sheet or 20 packs of 1 bomb is 20 instruction sheets


The packs of multible bombs come in 1 bag and 1 instruction sheet.

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