Cactus Seed Eco Party Bag

Cactus Seed Eco Party Bag


As a mum I was frustrated to see the amount of plastic and single use items in children's party bags. 
Eco Party Bag provides pre filled or bespoke environmentally friendly, plastic free-ish party bags for ages 3+.

Give more than a party bag, give inspiration that things are changing and we need to care MORE for the planet. Lets show our children how to party sustainably!!

Please note that the book that is shown in the picture is a representation of the book that will be included. There are many titles in this collection (20 different titles) each book will be different for each bag.
Paper bag includes:
Usborne book. (Reading book, book shown is from the Confident Reading collection and is aimed at children from 7-10)  - if you wish to have a different aged reading book then please alter

Bamboo Pot

Envelope with Cactus seeds 

Seed Marker



I always use recyclable packing materials for the parcels.