Wildflower Seed Bombz x 14

Wildflower Seed Bombz x 14


Wildflower seed bombs x 14 Comes with reusable drawstring bag. Made from recycled biodegradable, earth friendly paper. Seeds include the following;Poppy- Red Field VarietyCornflower - Blue BoyCornflower - Mixed colour varietiesOxeye DaisyBttercupsYellow RattlePlantainsCommon SorrelLesser trefoilRed CloverEach bombs contains over 30 seeds. Simple to sow and quick to grow any time of year!


    ECO PARTY BAG LIMITED - Company number: 12313106

    Packed and shipped from Taunton, Somerset.

    Proudly supporting The Bumblebee Conversation Trust with the Save the bees party bags